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GERONIMO is an enterprise platform that enables easy integration between ERP/DMS systems and 3rd party service providers or frameworks.

You don’t want to handle all the difficulties during the IT implementation processes? We can save You time and cost.

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You have nothing else to do but use your existing system and interface for new processes.

GERONIMO helps you to connect and embed external fintech, legaltech and tax tech services into your system, such as invoice automation, OCR, factoring, open-banking, document management, and authentication. With GERONIMO, these services will be automated and connected to each other.

Our belief and sign that automatism is the convenience service of the present and the must have need of the future.

Make your ERP smarter!

Do You use SAP, Microsoft, or other readymade ERP or DMS systems? Thanks to our pre-made integration API’s, the onboarding process takes only days.

Tailor-made, unique systems?

Our developers and the documentation about the API connection ensures a simple process. It makes your work simpler and faster through automation.


Using GERONIMO you can implement any external services in just days. If you choose to use a new solution later on, the range of services can be expanded flexibly.


Why do You want to work manually on those things which can be automated? The platform manages all your document workflows as a whole ecosystem.

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